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Personalized Masks: The New Addition to Custom T Shirts and Other Accessories According to

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Personalized Masks: The New Addition to Custom T Shirts and Other Accessories According to

October 15
23:18 2020
Personalized Masks: The New Addition to Custom T Shirts and Other Accessories According to

Millions of people have spent the last several months at home. For most, this was a significant change from their usual routines. People who once spent the majority of their time at work, went out to dinner throughout the week, visited with friends or enjoyed nights on the town on weekends, and essentially only slept at home found themselves trapped on the sofa for hours on end. All this has led to an unprecedented shift in how people look at fashion, according to and many other authorities on the matter.

Shelter-in-Place Fashion Statements

With everyone being confined to their homes, appearance became a thing of the past. Pajamas quickly became the norm because looking your best doesn’t really matter if you’re cooped up at home indefinitely. Comfort takes precedence, so soft, snuggly clothes and fuzzy socks easily sufficed for quarantine fashion. Makeup and nice clothes were reserved for the occasional video conferences and chats.

Looking Ahead

All that’s not to say people didn’t spend their shelter-in-place time dreaming of a day when going out would come back into play. Many contributed a portion of their lockdowns to shopping for clothes on an important site of their choosing. Of course, that’s only the beginning of the fashion trends to come.

As noted in a recent article entitled 17 Fashion Trends That Are Gonna Be BIG Post-Lockdown, quite a few people have been looking to the future of fashion. It seems flashy prints and bright colors have captured the public’s imagination. Bold styles are going to be out in force when things return to normal.

In the Meantime

Right now, the world is in a bit of a holding pattern. Things haven’t come full circle just yet, and for many, life may not ever be the way it was. Still, the worldwide lockdown is slowly lifting. That means people are going out and once again considering their attire beforehand.

For now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommends masks, and that will probably be the case for quite some time to come. Since masks are such a prominent component of our lives these days, many people are making them part of their personal fashion statements. They’re forgoing the standard two-sided paper varieties and opting for personalized masks. Some are even centering their daily outfits around their masks and coordinating their accessories with their unique face coverings.

Companies like Imprint are helping fuel this fire. They’re offering a long list of customization options for various styles of masks as well as t-shirts and other items. In many cases, businesses that have returned to in-person operations and customer contact are adding branded face masks to their employees’ uniforms with help from companies that offer customized apparel and accessories.

In a Nutshell

Before the pandemic took shape, some people were making their own statements by wearing pajamas in public. This became a somewhat-accepted convention. After being on lockdown for so long, though, a number of people are dying to shed the pajamas and dress for the occasion, whether it be heading to the supermarket or going out for a fun-filled evening with friends. No doubt, the field of fashion isn’t going to look quite the same as it did before the pandemic.

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