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Phantom Audio to Offer Incredible Services for High-End Audio Rooms within Asia and Indonesia

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Phantom Audio to Offer Incredible Services for High-End Audio Rooms within Asia and Indonesia

April 05
15:26 2021

People are always looking for some of the most reliable audio systems that can meet their lifestyle needs with ease. While installing a new home theatre or audio system, people often ask a question: Who designs the best speakers? It usually appears little challenging to pick the right software, hardware, and techniques to proceed ahead with great recording and listening abilities. After all, it requires outstanding sound engineering and design experience to lead the incredible systems that promise the adequate distribution of sound.

When people listen to something out of speakers, they are not just hearing some sound coming out of the speaker, instead, it is modulated by the surrounding environment as well. The effect of surfaces around, size, and shape of the room have been always a matter of concern for designing professional quality audio rooms. This is the main reason why it is always necessary to call only professionals to deal with acoustic treatment.

The experienced and professional teams at Phantom-Audio are ready to assist clients with outstanding specialized services for sound engineering and design needs. Their service ranges from home theatre development, high-end audio system design, and best studio speaker solutions to meet the modern age needs of the consumers. The company is known for providing top-notch services and systems in the United Kingdom and Indonesia while focusing on stunning performance, aesthetics, craftsmanship, durability, design, and quality. They also have distribution for ultra-high-end Analog Systems such as Jsikora, Acoustical Systems Tonearms, Hana Cartridges, JC.Verdier Turntables and Frank Schröder Tonearms.

Whether consumers are interested in the expert advice regarding modern age home theatre design or looking for top-notch audio and visual products online, Phantom-Audio can help users to avail exclusive expertise throughout the journey. The professionals at this platform have been providing media and audio system design as well as installation services to the residential and commercial spaces including restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, hotels, and private venues.

The indoor spaces always have some echo problem and that must be eliminated carefully before installing the audio systems. The Phantom-Audio company mainly operates within Indonesia; however, they have set up a large distribution network for certain products that make it easier to trade within the EU and Asia. Phantom-Audio follows a unique approach for audio system management that makes use of Field Coil Speakers and OTL Systems that were a part of the golden area during 1950 and onwards. Phantom audio also sells the Quested Studio monitors that are world-renowned and used by the largest studios worldwide even Hans Zimmer uses these and many other engineers in Hollywood.

The company has developed a setup for top-notch audio rooms to serve businesses and individuals within Indonesia and Asia. With more than 40 years of experience, these professionals have extensive knowledge in the field of High-End Audio, Room Acoustics, Studio, and Home Theatre. The great news is that Phantom-Audio has recently started operating in the United Kingdom as well. The audio systems designed by these experts are loaded with the finest quality amplifiers, speakers, and sound.

There is an extensive list of brands that are associated with Phantom-Audio; buyers can think of investing in Acoustical Systems, Cube Audio Speakers, Silent Running Audio, Tri-Planar, Playback Designs, Quested (Home Theatre), and Purist Audio Design, etc. Therefore, customers can find some of the best options for integration, building, and installation of acoustic projects and audio rooms while ensuring top-notch services.

About Phantom-Audio

Phantom-Audio is a team of design and sound specialists that are working in this field with almost 40 years of technical experience. They are capable enough to handle the distribution of professional, high-end audio systems to serve the audio community within Indonesia. They are also ready to provide exclusive boutique services for personal projects and individual customers.

While being the provider of superior home theatre system designs, the designers and engineers at Phantom-Audio have worked with many renowned brands in the sound studio, broadcasting, music, and film production sector. These teams are known for consistently improving design technologies, construction, and auditory impact for business, office, and home use. Whether individuals are looking for residential listening accommodation, a business environment, or a personal production studio, Phantom-Audio is going to offer exclusive expertise for integrated installations of systems. The interested people can contact these teams online to book an appointment and discuss the project in detail to lead the installation work more efficiently.

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