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oVice re:Connects AWS Users Group in an Online Optimised Event

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oVice re:Connects AWS Users Group in an Online Optimised Event

May 03
18:54 2021
oVice re:Connects AWS Users Group in an Online Optimised Event
AWS Users Community Runs a Successful Online Event Using oVice Virtual Spaces

The background image was created using RPG Maker for Jaws Days 2021 with permission from Gotcha Gotcha Games.

NANAO, Japan – oVice, Inc. (Headquarters: Nanao, Ishikawa, CEO: Sae Hyung Jung) provides virtual spaces for AWS communities to make their online events feel more real and engaging. JAWS Days 2021 event added the term ‘re:Connect’ to make community members who have already met in-person and the ones who are meeting for the first time feel a strong sense of belonging and human connection between each other at oVice virtual space.

  • Giving opportunities for communities to meet in an interactive virtual environment

JAWS DAYS 2021 is the largest event of JAWS-UG (AWS User Group Japan) hosted by JAWS-UG and sponsored by AWSJ (Amazon Web Services Japan). JAWS-UG members from all over the country play a central role in planning and managing the event, and also hold various themes online on a wide range of topics related to AWS, from the latest technology to business and lifestyle. In order to operate the online event just like in-person, they decided to choose oVice as a 2D virtual space to host their sessions. During the event, participants have the ability to meet in one place where they can virtually walk around, mingle, and talk. Since the space is fully customizable, JAWS-UG placed a uniquely-designed layout under the theme of different types of sharks meeting on one island. With adding interactive elements like companies’ logos, instructional materials, plugins, and animated images, participants find it enjoyable to role-play while connecting together and exchanging ideas around the event topic. Regardless of their job type, business type, company size, etc. from AWS beginners to advanced engineers, managers and personnel, enterprises to start-ups, everyone contributes to improving the technical capabilities of AWS users and expanding their business in general during the virtual event.

The background image was created using RPG Maker for Jaws Days 2021 with permission from Gotcha Gotcha Games

  • Using oVice as a virtual event venue for thousands of people

When entering a virtual space at oVice, users will be able to interact as an avatar in a 2-D map surface. People can move their avatar with one click or virtually walk by dragging it to a certain location. The closer the avatar approaches the other party, the better and louder their voice will be. This creates a virtual environment of coincidental conversations and a more natural and human way of online communication.

Currently, 1000 corporate users are using oVice for teleworking and hosting events. The floor can be divided according to the purpose, and theoretically, it is possible to gather around 10,000 people in total. Even if thousands of people come to the venue at once, I think oVice can handle it just fine with AWS Auto Scaling.Sae Hyung Jung, Representative Director, oVice, Inc., said to Mr. Enomoto, Public Relations Officer for JAWS Executive Committee.

Users can host small or big events of up to thousands of people and even run multiple event sessions at the same time by creating a virtual building through which they can move from one floor to another while maintaining an organized event.

  • oVice as a virtual island for tech summits

JAWS-UG creates a virtual island space provided by oVice for tech-loving sharks with the mission to drive innovation and support AWS industry growth across multiple sectors. X-Tech JAWS was born with the hope of accelerating the use of cloud and playing a role as a branch (community) that can serve as a hub between industries and companies in different fields. Not only FinTech (finance) but also InsureTech (insurance), HealthTech (healthcare), MediTech (medical), AdTech (advertising), EdTech (education), LegalTech (law), etc.

During the summit, every session is held simultaneously on one ground while participants have the freedom to move and join the session that brings them interest. They can also choose to listen from afar or get closer to the group and contribute in the conversation.

With the hope that there will be exchanges that transcend the barriers between industries, X-Tech JAWS is a place for interaction between companies in different sectors using AWS, and is a study session used as a place for exchanges such as technology learning, service information exchange, and service tie-ups too.

The background image was created using RPG Maker for Jaws Days 2021 with permission from Gotcha Gotcha Games.

  • Company Overview

oVice is a virtual spatial platform that allows users to move, talk, and collaborate freely in a 2-D world. With the mission of “maximizing effective online communication”, we develop lifelike features that offer users a close-to-reality online experience. In 2020, oVice was exhibited in TechCrunch Startup Battle Online and LAUNCH PAD SaaS.

More than 3000 virtual spaces have been created in half a year since its release.

Company Name: oVice, Inc.

Location: 926-0021 113 B, Motofuchumachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa Representative: Representative Director Sae Hyung Jung Established: February 2020


Business: Development and Provision of Virtual Spaces.

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Twitter: @oVice_


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