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Ayesha Watson and Are Creating Ripples of Positivity Within Their Community and the World at Large

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Ayesha Watson and Are Creating Ripples of Positivity Within Their Community and the World at Large

May 05
01:30 2021
Ayesha Watson and Are Creating Ripples of Positivity Within Their Community and the World at Large

Finding one’s true purpose in life is an ultimately fulfilling experience, but one thing’s for sure, the journey is far from easy. It takes a lot of effort and exploration to find one’s purpose, and thankfully the ever-helpful non-profit organization known as has put its best foot forward to help low-income families, minorities, and anybody who is in need of assistance through their very own work program called Exploring Your Purpose.

The non-profit has been operating for over 20 years. Founded and operated by the CEO Ayesha Watson, the company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Ayesha has a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and is currently studying to get her PhD in Counseling. The esteemed CEO has held numerous high-level positions in Georgia before finally stepping out and leading her own non-profit organization in 2019 with a full-time position.

With Ayesha Watson at the helm of, the non-profit organization’s success is imminent. Often dubbed as Coach Ayesha, she has become a strong pillar of the community where many people look to her for leadership and guidance. Originally, she started with programs that assisted the youth and their families through difficult times, providing them with the right amount of support so they can cope with life in all aspects, be it physical or mental. has two programs at the moment. The first of which is an Arts program that helps people explore their untapped creative potential, while the other program is called Exploring Your Purpose, an education/work program that caters to low-income families to help them be able to live, sustain, and maintain a living with daily life skills in place.

Ayesha Watson maintains that her non-profit organization is still in its early stages, which is why they are truly grateful for the support that other organizations have given them. has had partnerships with DeKalb Recreations, Toys For Tots, Atlanta Food Festival, GVRA, Publix as a sponsor in the Decatur, Georgia area, as well as many others. 

The organization’s Arts program has been featured on the Lifetime Channel along with the dance components area. also has a special focus on serving the humble and patriotic heroes of the United States. The organization caters to Veterans assisting them to get jobs, secure their social security, housing, and other things that they need to transition back into their communities. has connected over 500 individuals with jobs and an education. In addition to all of this, the organization also endeavors to maintain a life-long relationship with its clients. The company has successfully assisted over 300 families in obtaining life-long skills that are needed to survive within their communities. They also provided them with basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.

Ayesha Watson is one of the youngest African American females to run a Mental Health program from Decatur, Georgia, making her an absolute authority when it comes to these matters. has also assisted women in obtaining college scholarships through their Arts program and aims to bring more value to the lives of women everywhere. has truly created a positive ripple effect in its communities. Through its consistent service to the masses, these ripples will eventually become waves of love, support, and kindness. It’s such a blessing that it all started with a single purpose of helping other people explore their options and live the life that they deserve.

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