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Klik VIP offering innovative All-in-one solution for sharing professional contact for Free

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Klik VIP offering innovative All-in-one solution for sharing professional contact for Free

May 11
22:39 2022
Klik VIP is making the transition to a paperless world more convenient with state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions for sharing digital cards and personal and professional contacts.

Ampang, Selangor – May 11, 2022 – Klik VIP is pleased to announce that  the company is currently offering a unique all-in-1 solution for sharing professional and business contacts for FREE with Pro VIP Account. The all-in-solution includes all major aspects of professional contacts, such as Digital Business Card, Biolinks, and URL Shortener. Klik VIP aims to put forward an eco-friendly approach by replacing physical business cards with digital cards.

Per the statements of the company spokesperson, Klik VIP, the company is driven by the mission to empower customers to share their professional and personal contact details in a hassle-free, mobile, streamlined, and contactless manner. The company enables users to create high quality digital business cards in just 5 minutes that can be used instantly. 

“Physical business cards are dated, can be misplaced, and are not eco-friendly. It’s time for a ‘change’ – a positive disruption that will not only assure a seamless and convenient way to share professional and personal contact details but will also help to protect the planet. This is where Klik VIP comes in. And, the shift to this easy, eco-friendly and digital route has become even easier with us now as we are presently offering our innovative all-in-1 contact and credential sharing solution completely FREE”, stated the spokesperson. 

Klik VIP will enable users to connect with their audience, business contacts, and networks through a virtual QR code and contact card. This way, the professionals would simply have to scan the QR code through their camera to access the details- there is no need to download any app or service. 

“We are offering a cutting-edge solution that is always unrivaled and more convenient in comparison to the traditional alternatives in the current. Our solution also extends a more advanced solution than those that utilize NFC  technologies for processing communication between devices and transmission of personal data.” 

Top features of Klik VIP All-in-One solution – 

Bio link pages – Users will be able to create unique, easily customizable bio link pages, equipped with SE settings, password protect, and multiple ready-to-use components, and warning for sensitive content. 

Shortened Links – Users can put shortened links with premium domains, language, device, and content, targeting, password protection, and warning for sensitive content. 

QR code generator system – The solution comprises a fully-featured breezy QR code generator system that carries user-friendly templates. 

In-built analytics – Users will get complete daily analytics, based on country, language, region, and more parameters.

The Klik VIP All-in-1 solution to share contacts digitally can be used by various segments of users. The advanced solution offers a cutting-edge digital solution to share success on social media and earn extra followers and traffic.

“Our all-in-solution will enable you to let your clients easily contact you and pay for your offering in a convenient way on social media,” says spokesperson. “Our solution will also help you to create an online store in just 15 minutes and that too without the help of programmers and developers. Besides, influencers and creators will be able to utilize our solution to improve views in the social account and garner boosted views and followers.” 

For more information, please visit or Youtube.

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