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Riverside Tree Service Uses Staking on Trees to Prevent Breaking

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Riverside Tree Service Uses Staking on Trees to Prevent Breaking

June 21
18:57 2022

Riverside, California – Staking is a support method used to hold a tree upright and the root ball in place or straighten the tree trunk. A couple of days have passed since Riverside Tree Service received a call from Andrew. He wanted help with his trees that showed signs of breaking on a slight shift in wind momentum. The trees needed staking, as they had weak trunks that could not support them. There has been a slight change in variation of the wind speed, which is one reason why Andrew reached out to the company.

“The trees are only 1 year old, and imagining how much was spent on the trees, it is hard to live with it in any case they break,” said Andrew. “The trees had developed foliage at a tender age, and removing some of the leaves exposed the trees to insufficient sunlight. Whenever it is a windy afternoon, the trees are at the mercy of breaking away. They sway side to side feebly, filling the family with shock. It was disbelief they had not broken since there was no doubt they would break at some point. It is for this reason, that the family wanted stake services to ensure the trees stayed safe.”

Andrew noted the trees were weak, and it was because they had spontaneous growth. When trees develop too fast and develop dense foliage, they become susceptible to breaking off. At such moments the tree trunk is not yet fully developed and strong enough to hold the whole tree. He reached Riverside Tree Service at a convenient time, and the trees stood a chance of being saved from the raging winds. The speed of wind could soar up, and when such a scenario occurred, most of the trees would be left damaged.

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“Staking is useful and displays significant advantages to the whole tree,” said the field operations officer. “In most cases, it is used on newly-planted trees or tender-aged trees. Staking ensures the trees are reinforced with external support to prevent them from falling or breaking off in adverse conditions of wind. Or maybe a tree is planted in a very windy spot that fixes it in danger of being uprooted. When such scenarios present themselves, staking the trees help them in standing strong and in an upright position. Moreover, it ensures the trees re-grow.”

“The family had once used the Riverside Tree Services, and the results were spectacular,” noted Andrew. “The company used its trees services to prune the shrubs around the house, and it lifted the landscape beauty. When the family noticed this time that the 1-year-old trees were weak, calling the Riverside Tree Service was the best decision to settle with. They arrived on the ground with straps, wires, and rigid stakes. They fixed 3 to 4 stakes around every tree, and this depended on the foliage of the trees. They later ensured every of tree trunks was tied with either the wires or straps.”

“As with the supplement support system, the company’s teams of professionals employ staking only when necessary,” noted the Riverside Tree Service CEO. “The chance of injury to the tree increases with the length of time the strapping devices are attached to the tree. And when staking the at-risk tree, the experts ensure the application accommodates some degree of movement. Since when a tree is left to sway in the wind, such movements trigger the development of significant structural fibers at the base of the trunk.”

Andrew noted that the whole procedure was worth every dollar he had spent. He also added that the company was responsive and took his request at heart. Moreover, he appreciated the good work from the professionals who were cautious with the trees during the staking process and that none broke.

Riverside Tree Service’s base of operations is located at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. The company, however, allows homeowners to order tree services procedures via +1 909-536-2412 and [email protected]

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