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March 03
02:48 2023 Discusses Some of the Benefits of Bay Area Landscape Design

A visually appealing landscape design increases the value of any property. In fact, landscape design is an investment, although many homeowners fail to take this into consideration. However, undergoing this process provides many other benefits that are often overlooked. The following are a few benefits a homeowner should consider when determining whether to hire a landscape design professional. 

Lower Energy Bills 

When a person plants shrubs and trees in the yard, they need to plan where to place them strategically. If the area around the AC unit is shaded, the air around the unit is cooler. This means the system won’t need to work as hard to cool the home. Grass lawns are cooler than cement, asphalt, and soil, so try to add as much grass as possible around the residence. This will help to keep energy costs low. This is only one benefit of landscape design, and a person can browse this site to learn more about other benefits. 

Better Mental Health

A yard that is overgrown with weeds and bushes can leave a person feeling anxious. When the yard is well-kept, the owner looks forward to coming home. They will feel calm and light when they see this beautiful space. 

Grass naturally cleans the air because it produces oxygen. When the yard is landscaped, a person might want to spend time outdoors breathing this clean air. Furthermore, a person will spend less time pulling weeds when the yard is landscaped. A healthy lawn is able to combat weeds naturally, according to, so the owner has more time to enjoy the things they love. 

One can contact a company such as Petrus Landscape today to learn more about the benefits of landscape design. Once a person has this information, they will want to begin designing a landscape today.

Attract Animals

With the help of a professional landscape designer, a person can do their part to protect the animals that call the yard home and attract more creatures. For example, planting lavender or aster in the yard will encourage butterflies to visit. Hummingbirds love coral bells and petunias, and deer are attracted to petunias and other plantings. Figure out which animals would be enjoyable to see in the yard, and find plants that attract them. Incorporate those plants into the landscape design. 

Protect the Environment

A person can help protect the environment by choosing the right landscape design professional. They may wish to Meet the Next Generation of Bay Area Landscape Designers to come up with this design. A healthy lawn prevents dirty runoff from making its way into the water supply by acting as a water protector. The grass also helps capture pollutants, including dust and smoke particles, so they don’t make their way into the air. This same grass also helps to reduce noise pollution by cutting noise levels by up to 30 percent. 

Doing so comes with many benefits above and beyond those mentioned above, so every homeowner should consider taking this step today. 

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