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March 10
03:12 2023
Harnessing the power of A.I. within its already hedge fund quality trading automation software

When it comes to trading, there is no one size fits all. Whether someone is new at the game or an expert trader, it is common to face challenges that will interfere with one’s trading efficiency. This is precisely why took it upon themselves to bring innovation in the industry as they introduced their groundbreaking trading automation softwares, featuring NinjaTrader.

With’s state of the art technology and intuitive engineering, trading has never been simpler and easier. Regardless of trading experience or background, they enable traders to develop the confidence to successfully navigate the complicated world of trading by leveraging the power of hedge fund quality automation.

“With an ever changing market and new developments in A.I. technology, we have been able to create automations and services that become aware of the changing market conditions and changes on the fly to capture the most profit possible,” shares the team behind

Over the years, has set a new standard in trading automation. designs their automations to be flexible and accommodating of different trading styles. Not to mention they provide options to trade passively, so that traders can relax more and step away with confidence during trading hours.

Their technology, particularly their trading bot, is built with position management capabilities that help traders manage the positions their automation enters using a state-of-the-art position sizing algorithm.’s bots also have the ability to trade multiple instruments simultaneously. From futures trading to stock trading, these bots provide traders maximum versatility, allowing them to trade about anything.’s hedge fund quality automation not only helps set strategic trading rules before initiating a trade but also ensures rules are followed throughout the life of the position. Since there is a rules-driven plan, traders no longer have to worry about their emotions possibly getting in the way during changes in volatility.’s automation helps adjust trades according to fluctuations in volatility so that traders can still maximize their returns.

In a nutshell,’s cutting-edge technology does the heavy lifting, hunting, and reacting in milliseconds. But since combining trading and automation is a relatively foreign concept to most traders, is also offering a free course on becoming an automated trader. By taking this opportunity to learn with their experts, both beginner and experienced traders will become adept in using an institutional grade trading software that can help increase their profits.

Access’s free ‘Becoming An Automated Trader’ course to learn more about how automated trading can help both newbies and seasoned traders become consistently profitable. Visit to know more.

About is a new-age tech company – and trading bot expert – that delivers institutional grade trading technology to help traders take on a wider range of positions with more precision and less risk.

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