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BitValue’s Event ‘Web2.0 to Web3.0, World to HongKong’ Shatters Boundaries Between Web2 and Web3

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BitValue’s Event ‘Web2.0 to Web3.0, World to HongKong’ Shatters Boundaries Between Web2 and Web3

May 24
01:06 2023

On May 15th, the Canadian Venture Capital organization BitValue held an event called ‘ Web2.0 to Web3.0, World to HongKong’  at HKPC, which truly broke the boundaries between Web2 and Web3. The event attracted numerous heavyweight guests, including government officials, Web2 financial experts, and Web3 seasoned professionals. 

Although the on-site forum was not open to the public, the event was live-streamed on the Secondlive metaverse platform, and the online participation reached its maximum capacity of 5, 000 people, with over 200, 000 clicks.

During the event, BitValue has announced, BitValue and other institutions are optimistic about the future development of the Web3 industry in Hong Kong. They plan to actively cultivate the Hong Kong market and have announced the establishment of a startup accelerator called “223 Booster.” This accelerator aims to provide a “one stop solution” for Web3 entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Participating experts provided summaries and shared their insights on Web2 and Web3. 

Shawn Sha, Co-Founder of BitValue Capital: Web 3 startups encounter various challenges beyond funding, such as marketing strategies, user acquisition, guidance, and sustainable operating funds. They require resources, experience, and technical support from web3 VCs. Compliance processes and costs are increasing, adding pressure to web3 VCs. These factors contribute to the industry’s long-term stability.

Ian Chan, Cheif Market Development Officer of Cyberport: To foster the growth of Web3 and realize its enormous potential to transform the digital economy, talent cultivation, increasing adoption and raising public awareness are crucial. 

Alex Chan, General Manager, Digital Transformation Division of HKPC:Web 3.0 has the potential to revolutionize not only the finance industry, but also other industries such as logistics, insurance, and even manufacturing. As such, it is poised to become one of the key drivers of Hong Kong’s digital economy.

Kevin Tao, Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud: The transition from Web2 to Web 3 poses challenges and Alibaba Cloud has always been committed to offering customers reliable, stable, and worldwide cloud computing services.

James Ho, Head of Animoca Ventures: Web3 is the next evolution of the Internet, and Animoca has been there since this march from web2 to web3 began. Our mission at Animoca Ventures is to lead the way and guide startups and industry players on to this inevitable and exciting next phase of the internet.

Nenter Chow, Head of Portfolio Strategy at Animoca Ventures: We aim to create a Web3 ecosystem that ensures equal access to digital property rights for all. Our belief is that ownership serves as a fundamental driving force for innovation and growth, just like how countries with established and enduring property rights tend to have strong economies, whereas those without have weaker ones.

Blake Jeong, Co-CEO of IOST: The substantial and transformative shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 emphasizes user empowerment, decentralization, and enhanced privacy, driven by individuals’ desire for sovereignty, thirst for benefits, and ambition to capitalize on opportunities, with adoption rates varying across industries and countries, yet ultimately leading to the Web 3.0 market surpassing its Web 2.0 counterpart and integrating evolved products and services seamlessly into our daily lives, reshaping digital interactions and engagement.

Makoto Ota Japan Lead of IOST: Web2 to Web3 is a digital movement that initiates the shift from “paying companies to be managed” to “incentivized to control our own identities and privacy”

Matrixport, Kaman Heung, Director of Private Wealth of Matrixport: Underpinned by blockchain technology and driven by the rise of digital assets, will revolutionise how we shifting control back to users and creating unprecedented investment opportunities, thereby shaping a more decentralised, transparent, and inclusive digital economy. 

RACA Team: web3.0 provides tools with respect to creators in all field in meaningful manner, springs new definition to digital economy and protects originality and intelletual properties.

Scofield, Founder and CEO of BSCStation: The transition from Web2 to Web3 is to revolutionize how we interact and transact online in the fast-paced digital world, Web3 hopes to give internet users a new era of freedom and empowerment.

Leon, Co-Founder of Spield Trading: The transition from Web2 to Web3 presents significant opportunities for quantitative hedge funds to leverage their expertise in data analysis, algorithmic trading, and risk management. By exploring emerging trends in DeFi, blockchain-based identity solutions, and traditional finance, hedge funds can position themselves for success in the Web3 era.

Jack Lee, investment Director of Plutus VC: There are a few mega trends under development globally and web2 to web3 is certainly one of them. We expect to see more web2 talents entering into the space with innovation to solve unsolved problems.

Frank, XHASH COO: The transformation from web2 to web3 will reshape business and economy, and this process requires more high-quality infrastructure providers to make it happen.

Jason, Founder of Omniverse Labs: Web3 and Web2 are not opposites but extensions of decentralization, fairness, and freedom. AI, blockchain, and Metaverse embody this extension in different ways: AI enhances productivity, blockchain transforms production relations, and the Metaverse provides a new platform for their integration. The combination of these elements holds immense potential, ushering in fresh opportunities and possibilities for the future.

Kaiyang, Founder of Xbank: Moving into the Web3 space requires not only fewer hassles of using services but also a lower cost of economic decisions, where Web3-native lending plays an important role. xBank is an open money market starting from NFTFi and exploring potentials of leveraging Web3 liquidity to onboard new adopters.

Antony, CFO of Muxic: Beyond the fancy technicalities of decentralisation brought on by Web3 and all its metaversal possibilities; in the end the greatest gift it brings to artists and musicians from around the globe – is the community capabilities of truly connecting art and talent that are worth it… to the eyes and ears that truly deserve it.

Asher, Founder of Parallel HongKong: From web 2 to web 3, not only requiring users to adapt to newly merged technologies, more importantly, why would web 3 be needed? Does it bring more flexibility to the business? Or does the ownership of data matter? This big question needs to be figured out for the whole industry, after that, we would enter a new era!

Winchman, Founder of 852Web3:The shift from Web2 to Web3 brings a change in data ownership and fosters unique cultural and characteristic features. Decentralization encourages talent sharing, creating opportunities based on merit rather than traditional qualifications. Web3 has become a magnet for individuals seeking equal chances and has attracted a diverse community.

Nick Yoshida, Platinum Egg(Climbers) Co-Founder:The transition from web2 to web3 is necessary and inevitable – we feel there are still some teething problems before mass adoption but as game developers, feel the most frictionless gateway is via games and we wholeheartedly look forward to a world where web3 is a standard…coming soon to a screen near you 😉

Ocean, Cofunder of Twiplay Network: To bring more new crypto users & boost efficiency of crypto game release, marketing, conversion, Twiplay will serve as a bridge from web2 to web3 thru twitter integration & creator driven crypto game.

The event achieved significant success, and BitValue is bound to bring more surprises in the future. By gathering experts from various fields, this event facilitated communication and collaboration between Web2 and Web3, paving the way for future technological advancements. The participating experts shared their views and experiences on Web2 and Web3, which are expected to have a significant impact on the entire technology industry.

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